Now Hiring : Full Time Muse (enquire within)

It’s been very hard for me to find inspiration lately. My book is not coming along as smoothly as I’d hoped. It seems all I have are short memoirs, barely capable of coming together. Which, frankly, is what my life has felt like up to this point. A whole bunch of random events that don’t tie together in any way. I change names, I change attitudes, I change my mind, I change my home, over and over. They say it’s a journey… I suppose my journey is a jumbled mess… it could take years to straighten out. Which is maybe what’s made my life so interesting; a lack of transition. I seem to throw myself into the middle of my next big plan without an end to the last one. It’s difficult to discern my true desires when they frequently change, sometimes in one direction, sometimes in completely another, sometimes even backwards.

Anyway, my inspiration as of late has been covers. Muse announced that their cover of Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good” had won best cover of all time on Since then I’ve been compiling a list of ten great covers, possibly better choices for this title (no offense to Muse). They are, after all, one of my favorite bands of all time. Anyways, here’s my list, see what you think.

1. I Will Survive – Cake (2008 Cover) Original by Gloria Gaynor 1978 (Probably also the best Karaoke song of all time in my book, by the by – Who can resist singing along to this song?)

2. Love Song – Tori Amos (2007 Cover) Original by The Cure 1989 (a whopping 18 artists have covered this song since it’s release, and I’m not even counting “American Idol”s)

3. Somewhere over the Rainbow – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole (1993 Cover) Original Judy Garland in The Wizard of Oz 1939, also mashed with Louis Armstrong’s 1968 hit, “What a Wonderful World.” (I first heard this song in a Rice Krispies commercial circa 2006 and bought his album shortly after. This guy’s got SOUL.)

4. Such Great Heights – Iron and Wine (2007 Cover) Original by The Postal Service 2003 (The unique stylization of this cover completely changes the feel of the song.. amazing how the same lyrics sung different ways can put you in completely different places)

5. Gin and Juice – (Phish 1999 Cover) Original by Snoop Dogg 1994 (1999 is the earliest performance I can find of Phish covering this song. I don’t see any official recording release dates – also.. hilarious cover! Enough said.)

6. Tangled up in Blue – Indigo Girls (1995 Cover) Original by Bob Dylan 1974 (When I heard this cover on the radio for the first time, I almost cried, these girls really captured the heart and soul of this song.)

7. Dust in the Wind – Sarah Brightman (1998 Cover) Original by Kansas 1983 (The original was one of my dad’s favorites, after he died, this cover touched me big time.)

8. Blue Monday – Orgy (1998 Cover) Original by New Order 1989 (The dirty, sexy, rocker in me LOVES the hell out of this song)

9. One Night in Bangkok – The Vinylshakerz (2007 Techno Remix) Original by Murray Head 1984 (I didn’t want to include remixes, but I can’t help but love this song!)

10. Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson (1996 Cover) Original by The Eurythmics 1983 (Yes, I heard the original first as a child ;-P.. again, this one brings out my dirty side)

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