Halloween “Buzz”

I find that people are surprised to realize that I take turning over a new leaf seriously. In my last entry, I made a promise to stop placing blame, especially on myself. Since then I’ve definitely kept my word, and I find that my life is a lot more free and open and there is a lot less to stress over. A lot of doors have opened to me this week, professionally and otherwise, and I’ve allowed myself to feel things that I didn’t even realized I’d ever stopped feeling. I have one person to thank for it, and although I won’t say her name, she knows who she is – let’s just say I’ve found my muse.

Just in time, too! Because today marks the start of Nanowrimo. My goal for the day is at least 2000 words, which is both exciting and daunting. Note that as I write something inspirational in this post that I want to use, I cut and paste it into a word document and leave you the scrappy structure of jumbled mess that envelopes my process. At any given time I have two streams of consciousness flowing simultaneously. Which may sound a bit overwhelming, and also slightly schizophrenic, but the result is always pleasurable.

Now that I have you thinking about pleasure *wink, let’s discuss Halloween. Last year, Halloween night was the very last one I spent in the States, which makes today the one year anniversary of my living in Korea (one more to go!) Anyway, Halloween here used to be obsolete, but with the influx of foreigners over the years, the holiday has grown a bit. Although it’s certainly not as lavish as it is at home, we managed to find a really good time. We decided on Itaewon, which may shock you if you know me at all (I’m generally not a fan of Itaewon after dark) but it turned out to be a good decision. There were plenty of happily drunken foreigners out and about at all the usual gathering places. There was a line down the street to get into the wolfhound, so we didn’t even try. We settled for a split between the King club and Roofers, which are across the street from one another. King Club is a hip hop place, full of.. hip hop atmosphere (if you catch my drift), and Roofers, on the flip side, is more of an eclectic, sophisticated crowd. You can guess which one I wanted to stay at, but Lauren claimed that the people were too old and the music was (well, not hip hop) so we ended up going back and forth a couple of times. There was a live band at Roofers called Stay to the Right. I hadn’t heard them before, but they were awesome! They covered the Rolling Stones and the Beatles (in the time I was there) and were just all around a lot of fun – great energy, and their audience obviously loved them. I will be looking out for more of their shows for sure!

All in all it was just as much fun as I would’ve had in the states, minus the month of haunted hay rides and corn mazes and apple picking and haunted houses and.. who am I kidding? Halloween night in Korea is fine, but I miss the rest of October at home.

Anyway, I’m sufficiently warmed up and nostalgic. Novel writing here I come! Oh, by the way, I was a bumble bee.. pictures to come!

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