Dance in your Underwear

I’ll start by saying that I’ve recently discovered that I can write these posts directly from my iPod with the WordPress ap. Which is pretty sweet, especially when I’m doing these compilation stories. I am a huge fan of the “on the go” feature that allows me to create playlists no matter where I am. This one was inspired by my love of being alone in my room, in my underwear, and just jammin’ out on the air guitar, or bounding from the bed to the floor headbanging and skanking my little butt off. It was actually harder than I thought it would be to put together a cohesive collection of songs that the average person would enjoy back-to-back as my taste does a lot of jumping, but here’s what I’ve come up with. Take off your clothes, don your fuzzy socks and a silly hat, and get your groove on:

1. 3s and 7s Queens of the Stone Age

This song is the most fun underwear dancing song you will ever encounter. Seriously. Don’t take my word for it, you’ve got to experience this for yourself. It’s fun/kinky/dark/makes you feel like a total rock star.

2. Robot Rock Daft Punk

Anything by Daft Punk is suitable for the underwear dancing genre, but this track makes me feel particularly goofy, and the repetition is just enough to perfect that one killer move you just made up before the song ends.

3. Shoot the Runner Kasabian

Keeping it kinky with some Kasabian. Never a bad idea. I do a lot of lip biting to this song, not sure what that’s all about 😉

4. Megalomaniac Incubus

Want to cuss out that asshole that’s been bothering you (while dancing around your room in your underwear, of course!)? Grab your hairbrush microphone and let ‘er rip! Just remember, “You’re no fucking Elvis…” but damned close if you ask me!

5. Fell in Love with a Girl The White Stripes

The White Stripes are underwear dancing gods. This song is no exception. It’s totally twisted, and will have you hitting the back button when it’s over, to play it again. No shame!

6. Holding out for a Hero Frou Frou

OK, maybe we don’t all need a hero, but this song is a lot of fun, and we’re still holding onto that dark, sexy vibe.

7. Dirty Little Thing Velvet Revolver

“Can’t stop thinkin I musta been trippin this evening.” Rock on, man! Hard core air guitar action on this one.

8. The Calendar Hung Itself Bright Eyes

Before you raise your eyebrows at me, have you ever danced to this song? I bet it’ll surprise you. Go on, try it, no one’s watching!

9. Get your Hands off of my Woman The Darkness

No surprise here. Who doesn’t like these guys? This song is hilarious and awesome. Don’t hurt yourself with those killer moves!

10. Start wearing Purple Golgol Bordello

If you’ve never heard these guys, get ready to have your mind blown. You’ll be in absolute bliss by the end of this song. You’ll also be feeling quite exotic 😛

11. Time is Running Out Muse

It wouldn’t be my playlist if there wasn’t a Muse song. This one is hands down the sexiest! You might start stripping those underwear… uh oh! the naked dancing is a playlist of a different color!

12. Two of Hearts Stacey Q

Finishing with an 80s super disco song. If you need help with some fantastic moves for this song, check out Seth Green and Macaulay Culkin at their finest!

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