Cataclysm – a momentous and violent event marked by overwhelming upheaval and demolition

Ah, November. I love this month! Things have been pretty awesome. Last night, Lauren and I checked out the Seoul Lantern festival. It was pretty spectacular, but extremely crowded. When I say crowded, don’t take this lightly. I’ve been to several Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parades in New York. This was worse. The lanterns were worth seeing none the less, and we got to see some pretty happening areas of the city. [Pictures to follow, as soon as my adorable girlfriend loads them – honey, that’s your queue!]

So I’ve been craving Warcraft lately (it doesn’t help that my coworkers talk about nothing else) and today I caved and bought the game again. I’m a little nervous that I’ll hate it because I’m starting from scratch, but I’m sure I’ll love my new character (almost) as much as my old one. I’ll miss her dearly, though. Retrieving the account has proved to be MUCH more trouble than it’s worth. Anyway, WoW is not AT ALL Korea friendly. Especially starting from scratch. Every time I managed to get to display English, the next click would revert to Korean. What gives, Blizzard? But anyway, I opted for the discounted package which includes Cataclysm, the new expansion (a pre-purchase credit, of course, since the game doesn’t come out until December). So, naturally, I had to go watch the theatrical preview. I’ll post it here. It has me a little worried. It’s not that I’m not excited that WoW is expanding (although I’ve barely played Wrath as it is since it came out just a couple months before basic training) but this trailer gave me the idea that the game may actually be ending. Not cool! It seems they’re tearing down the whole freaking world with this crazy dragon dude. Some of my favorite areas were shown crumbling in the theatrical. I’m hoping that all this destruction happens in an instance setting and the lower level game play isn’t actually affected, but only time will tell.

In other news, I saved Lauren’s cool points by insisting that she give her students Pepero for the upcoming holiday. I hope she doesn’t forget to get me some too! Thanksgiving plans are coming together. We’ve got a deep-fried turkey on the menu, along with deviled eggs, sweet potato and apple pies, potato salad, and more. I’m trying to organize a little festive carolling in the form of renting a luxury Noraebang room out after dinner, but nobody seems to be interested. They’re just afraid to be showed up by the karaoke master (that would be me). Christmas plans are still in the air, but there will definitely be a ham, and probably an elf costume, also eggnog. I love the holidays!

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