Lena the Zen Warrior

Look out, folks! I’m starting a web comic. What?! OK, so I did this once before in college. I made a ridiculously cute zine about the joys of lesbian relationships, and it was hilarious and awesome and I don’t know why I ever stopped. Well, I do know why I stopped; because the class was over and no one ever read them anyway! But here we go again, this time not for credit, and this one’s about me, and my struggle to understand myself through Buddhism. I read a lot of “pep-talk” type material when considering posts for this blog and one of my biggest self criticisms is that I can’t find a focus. Absolutely 100% of guides to successful internet blogging say it is of utmost importance to have a purpose. I try to stay focused with this one, and make updates about my progress in writing my novel, but I end up on tangents. To me they make sense, of course, because they’re all part of my process. Whenever something really inspires me to break out the notes and start scribbling I let you guys know, but from an outsider’s perspective, this is just a hodgepodge of seriously random topics. One solution for this is to separate the different themed posts into different blogs that pertain to the subject matter, and maybe I’ll start doing that as I develop a wider spread audience, but for now I hope you understand that this is all just… me.

I got the idea for this comic when searching Facebook for other people with my name. There are two others in the entirety of Facebook. I take pride in that knowledge. Anyway, one of the pages was about an intergalactic warrior (I think) named Lena and the company who produced the show (again, I think) was called Zen. I was like.. dude, I am totally a Zen Warrior… which sounds like an oxymoron but then I started thinking about it.. and I came up with a lot. So.. time to start drawing.

Anyway this comic has a definite focus! So maybe it’s my starting point in the world of “successful” blogging – whatever that means. World, meet Lena, the Zen Warrior.

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