Sex Tape Scandal

Oh yes! I promised I would post this, and it’s proved more difficult than I expected. I actually interviewed A LOT of people to find out what their “sexiest songs of all time” were. Well, let’s just say VERY few people have the same taste in sexy music as I do. I originally wrote this on my iPod, and on a side note, I have quite a few more mixes started, so don’t think I’ve abandoned this page.

Anyway, sex: it’s pretty dominating when it comes to the human mind. There are so many different ways to have and think about sex (as evidence by the HUGE diversity in genres I was given during interviews), so one mix to rule them all would have to be pretty spectacular. That’s why I’m giving you this: A play in three acts, if you will. It’s a list of mini-mixes to get you in the mood, through the deed, and ready to do it again. Note: If you’re looking for that meaningful “make love” kind of experience, skip “Sweat”. Enjoy.


Sexual Healing Marvin Gaye

This is a classic “get it on” song, and chances are, it makes you chuckle a bit when you hear the first few notes. That’s OK! That’s why its first. It’s funny! But it’s also sexy. Good things start with a laugh. I bet you won’t still be laughing by the end…

Suffocate J. Holiday

So, if you know me, you know this isn’t my style at all. But I can’t help it, this song really gets me going. J. Holiday is not for iPod listening on the train. I’ll just leave it at that.

Queer Garbage

Here we go! Getting into some heavy petting at this point. Shirley Manson is a sexy bad ass! Put some of her attitude from this song in your caress and you’re sure to please every time.

Isobel Bjork

Bjork is just weird! We all know that. But her music is so sensual to me! One of the most important parts of pleasure is getting comfortable enough to let it all go. This song will get you there. Plus, who doesn’t want to be wooed into love-making by violins?

Because the Night Cascada

I was extremely tempted to remove this song from the list because I was having a really hard time explaining why it was here. It’s totally cheesy, but for some reason I can’t help but stick to my guns and say this one’s sexy, and a keeper. Also, we need to pick up the beat a little bit, don’t you agree?


Closer Nine Inch Nails

This is a dirty rotten song by a dirty rotten band and I love the hell out of it. I made this middle mini-set first, because these are the ones I go right for when someone says “sex music.” Are you really going to tell me you don’t want to grab onto some ass to a song that begins with violation and desecration?

Living Dead Girl Rob Zombie

Admittedly, this song being on this list makes me seem like a necrophile. I assure you, I have no interest in the dead, especially erotically! But this song is ridiculously sexy. Mainly because of the girls in the background whispering “what are you thinking about?” to each other. It just makes me want to dig my nails into someone’s back.

Ava Adore Smashing Pumpkins

I’ve already let you in on the reasons for this song being one of my all time favorites. This one won’t disappoint you. Dirty, yet loving, yet creepy… just… sex-musical genius.

Straight to Video Mindless Self Indulgence

Faggot is the first song that comes to mind when people think Mindless Self Indulgence and sex. But I think this one’s actually more stimulating, it has much more of a deviant feel, where as Faggot just makes me feel a little angry…

Time is Running Out Muse

Alright so, after making this list, do I still believe this is the sexiest song of all time. For me, yes, on an extremely personal level. But there was only one person sharing that experience with me, so I’ll accept that you can’t all agree with me. Still, even without the memory factor, this song’s pretty sexy!

Rinse, Repeat

Possession Sarah McLaughlin

If there were ever a song to make you get on your knees and beg for more, this would be it. The pain, the urgency, the lust, it’s all here. Hear it. Feel it. Possess it.

Bloodflowers The Cure

The Cure is a hard band to pick one song from and say, “this one’s the sexiest,” but it had to be done. I picked this one because there is so much longing without even really sitting and listening to the words. It’s all in the music, and that’s important when you’re trying to focus on something else…

Music to Fuck To Portishead

I desperately tried to find another Portishead song to put here. This one was far too obvious. But alas, they titled it correctly and it had to be the one. I bow down, defeated, but happy to play this for your pleasure.

Inertia Creeps Massive Attack

Where there is Portishead, there must be Massive Attack. I don’t know if that’s actually true, but these two go together pretty well and Inertia Creeps is really quite remarkable because it’s capable of cooling you down, and warming you right back up at the same time. Ready for round two?

Gold Guns Girls Metric (Mike Shinoda Remix)

Kickin off round two with this one. (Yea, you can skip the Marvin Gaye this time). This is pretty musically stimulating, and I really just couldn’t resist  a song that kept whispering “Get off! Get off! Get off!” and “More and more and more and more!” in the background. Take that how you will.

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