Hooked on You

Ever get stuck in a rut and keep thinking, “this isn’t me!” but still can’t make it stop? I’m thinking I’m starting to climb out of that rut and I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. Starting in January things started changing for me… I got sad and lazy and started settling for less in life than I’d originally set out to achieve. But recently I made a leap, and took a risk that I knew could end up in misery. I trusted my heart and threw myself at happiness, giving up security. I let go of knowing how the story ends to try and make the good stuff last longer, and I found myself again. This all sounds like a bunch of sappy bullshit. But it’s necessary to explain where I’m coming from with this playlist. I met someone recently who inspires me to be exactly who I am and stop compromising what I truly want for what I think I can have, and, like I said, I haven’t felt better than this in a long time. So here’s to her, and me, and us for now, and letting life flow…

He’s a Lover of Life but a Player of Pawns – a mix of the classics nearest and dearest to my heart

Take it Easy The Eagles

If you’ve known me for a while, you know these songs go way back for me, and this list is more like the real me than any I’ve posted thus far. That’s not to say that the new lists haven’t been incorporated into my life somehow. But these are my roots and this song is right at my core.

Don’t Fear the Reaper Blue Oyster Cult

This has always been my absolute favorite song in the whole entire world. Most music lovers will tell you that it’s very difficult to pick ONE song that is your favorite, but for me it’s this one, hands down. Easy. More cowbell, please!

Tangerine Led Zeppelin

Yea yea I know, everybody digs Stairway and Immigrant song, but this one’s my favorite. It’s so sweet and sincere… I guess I’m  just a sucker for love songs.

Ground Control to Major Tom David Bowie

I hadn’t heard this song in a really long time. Then the other day we were discussing the tower positions and my friend burst into song, I couldn’t help but sing along… hopefully not too loud. Anyway, “Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do” is the most adorable lyric EVER. ❤ David Bowie

Break Down Tom Petty

So Tom Petty is my go to guy for curing heartache. He’s got some super happy stuff too though. This one makes me feel mischievous and exciting. How is it for you?

Bouncing Around the Room Phish

Yay! Phish! This song is so much fun!

I’ve Just Seen a Face Beatles

I’ve loved the Beatles since I was little. Who hasn’t? But actually the first time I remember hearing this particular song was in Across the Universe. But I love it and can listen to it on repeat, so it gets a spot on my list.

Hazy Shade of Winter Simon & Garfunkel

This whole list is full of go to bands for me. Simon and Garfunkel is so versatile, though, that I actually can’t pin point when I’m in the mood for them. They really fit into any occasion.

Go your Own Way Fleetwood Mac

This was one of my dad’s favorite bands. We took a lot of really long road trips with just the two of us, and we had a 6 CD changer. This album was always in it, so I’ve been singing along to this song for almost two decades. Wow!

Bungle in the Jungle Jethro Tull

He who made kittens put snakes in the grass. This is a great smoking album.. but I don’t do that anymore until after the military.. someone, please enjoy it for me.



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