Let’s save your troubles for another day…

Sorry this is late, Katrina. It was quite a challenge. Here’s the scoop, ya’ll. My friend, Katrina, asked me to make a mix of music she would enjoy. She gave me “Escapade” by Janet Jackson as the inspiration along with Regina Spektor and Bjork. Interesting, right? Well you all know me well enough by now to realize that’s not my genre of expertise. I thought it would be fun, none the less. Now, as far as sound goes, again Cyndi Lauper and Madonna are shew ins here, but Katrina asked me to take it a step further and find artists she most likely hadn’t heard of. This was beyond my capabilities on my own, so I’d like to welcome my best friend, Kamil, to the editor’s list on this one. She’s my source into the world of female r&b artists and was a big help. As I hadn’t heard many of these artists before I started this list, it took me quite a while to weed through and find just the right songs. So, Katrina, I really hope my research pays off and you like this list. Anyone else with suggestions or challenges, bring ’em on. If I feel like I haven’t done it yet, I’ll give it a whirl.

Why are you sleeping? – Katrina’s Mix

What You Do (feat. Ne-yo) – Chrisette Michele

So this was the first song I heard by Miss Chrisette Michele. I picked it because I know and, for the most part, enjoy Ne-yo. I really liked it. This song is almost classic blues, and has a bit of an old-school feel, but the rhythm takes it to another level. Really great suggestion, Kamil.

Floating Vibes – Surfer Blood

I am so glad I discovered these guys while making this mix. Katrina, it’s not exactly what you were looking for, but I’m hoping you’ll find it fits here as much as I thought it did. It’s upbeat but still really chill. Beach boys style chords, but totally modern indie-rock sound. Thank you, Youtube, for recommending this.

T-Shirt- Shontelle

Now, Shontelle is more mainstream so, sorry if you’ve heard this one before. But she definitely fits on this list regardless. Also, she’s ridiculously adorable and can wear my t-shirts any time.

Getting Nowhere ft. John Legend – Magnetic Man

Really chill song. This is the only one I listened to by Magnetic Man. I really enjoy the beat again coupled with that bluesy vocals feel. It’s not upbeat in any sense, but it is really laid back and has an inspired sound. I hope you like it.

Gotta Go Gotta Leave Vivian Green

At first, I was skeptical of Vivian Green’s potential to fit into this list. But when I came across this song, I agreed. The beat slows and speeds intermittently and really enhances the mood of the lyrics. Very jazzy feel with diva style vocals. Good tip from Kamil again.

Golden Phone Micachu

I dipped into my own collection on this one. I first heard of Micachu about a year ago while reading Bjork’s Ping blog. Super weird sound, definitely Bjork inspired, and I can’t help but love it. I started you out with one of the less weird ones, but the beats get crazier and crazier with Micachu. Enjoy.

Playgirl – Ladytron

This one’s straight off my iTunes as well. So I hope it’s not too off for your taste. Ladytron was one of my ex-girlfriend’s roommate’s favorite bands, so I got hooked when hanging out in their room in college. Very happy sound. Not sure I would call it upbeat, but.. at times it can be. It is catchy though, huh?

In the Sun – She & Him

Can I just say how much I freaking love Zoey Deschanel in everything she does? Because I LOVE her. Now, about the band, they have a bit of a Regina Spektor vs. Rilo Kiley sound going on. It’s a little more indie than I think you traditionally like, but I’m hoping it will spark your interest.

Sick Muse – Metric

So OK, I know I gave you Metric before and you apparently didn’t like them. But I refuse to accept that. So, I’m giving you another chance to fall for them. Metric is really happy-making music, for me at least, so I’m really hoping another shot will turn you on. On a similar note, I think there are a lot of artists on my previous mixes worthy of another shot in your book. I really can’t believe you didn’t like Solange and Rilo Kiley!

Elephant Gun- Beirut

Alight, I’m getting carried away with giving you my favorites from my iTunes. So after this one I promise, I’ll go back to R&B for a minute. First off, I’ll assure you that no, that is not a banjo you hear. Although, I’m still determined to get you to accept the banjo into the world of respectable instruments. I’ll follow up by saying if you don’t give Beirut a shot, you’re really missing out.

Energy- Keri Hilson

I know you’ve heard of Keri Hilson. But not sure if you’ve explored her at all. I really really love this song, and not many of her others, but she may be more your style? Although I will say I really love every song she’s done with other artists. I don’t know, I promised you another R&B song…

Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

OK, R&B minute over, because well I’m just no good at it, and I have to end on a slightly more “Lena” note. So, I don’t know why I think you’d enjoy the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Probably because you like upbeat stuff and Bjork. See what you think of these guys. Although, I’m sure you’ve heard them before. Shake it like a ladder to the sun. Makes me feel like a madman on the run.

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  1. blackwatertown
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 12:12:21

    Still enjoying your lists – though you’ve been a bit quiet lately.
    What’s with the password protected posts?
    Is it OK to read them or should I butt out and not be so nosey?


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