Tape Collection

I have always had a sort of talent for picking the perfect song at a given time. I make mixes for almost every occasion, and they’re always a hit. So I decided to make a page of mixes, and do a little explaining behind what makes them just right. Please feel free to add to my mixes in the comment section, I always love to see when people would’ve gone a different angle. Also, many of these mix themes were suggestions from friends and readers. I’m open to that as well if you have a theme for me, either that you just want a mix for or that you feel you can challenge me with. So, get ready to rock!

Previous Mix: Top Ten covers of all Time

Mix One: Dance in your Underwear

Mix Two: Don’t Hit that Senior NCO!

Mix Three: It’s Time we met and made a Mess

Mix Four: Sex Tape Scandal

Mix Five: He’s a Lover of Life but a Player of Pawns – The Classics

Mix Six: If there has to be a Battle, I will win

Mix Seven: Si Es Perfecto – Girls on top

Mix Eight: Lies Over Verbose Eroticism

Mix Nine: Son, can you play me a memory

Mix Ten: Watch for Falling Rock

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